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Yes. To purchase online, you must be a registered Park Dental Research (PDR) website member and subscribe to our online newsletter. Registration is FREE and includes full access to our online store, dental resources and VIP access to all our specialty programs.

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our services and product offering, we encourage customers to become registered members to help improve both our customer experience online. Additional benefits include:

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First, create your free online account and select the option to be listed as a provider. If you have already registered as a member, log into the settings of your account on our webpage and make sure that you’ve checked the box. It’s that simple!

At this time, Park Dental Research Corp. ships merchandise to locations within the United States and U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this website pass to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier. Read our full Delivery Policy.

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Orchestrate 3D Treatment Planning Software

Orchestrate 3D is 3D/CAD software that enables you to scan, plan, design, and fabricate appliances completely within your office or in combination with our laboratory. It’s like Photoshop for 3D orthodontics. You can use a digital STL file from any scanner and then move teeth and create appliances. It is simple and easy to use. Create digital models, aligners, retainers, and even digitally remove brackets for early debands. By bringing this technology in-house, you dramatically increase your control over costs, design, and delivery of appliances.

The most obvious reason is the cost savings; however, as O3D users have learned, the real reason is that it makes you a better provider and delivers better outcomes to your patients. You will be able to handle simple relapse, limited treatment, comprehensive aligner therapy, and combined fixed-aligner therapy cases all in-house. Watch your referrals increase, and maybe best of all is that YOU decide when a case is truly finished.

No. You can send your stone models or PVS impressions directly to our lab to be scanned, and have the O3D lab technicians prepare your treatment plan or have them send the STL file for your team to create the treatment plan. Once the treatment plan is approved, you can have our lab print your models. When the models have been printed, our technicians can fabricate the aligners or send the models for your team to make the aligners. An intraoral scanner and JUELLTM 3D production printer can be added to your practice at a later date.

You don’t necessarily have to change. Our largest customers tend to be large users of other full treatment aligner therapy programs. While these doctors use these other providers for about 10% of their patients; they use Orchestrate 3D on almost every patient in some capacity. By utilizing O3D, our clients are finding that they can deband their patients earlier and use O3D for finishing. They are also able to make limited cases at a more affordable price point, which increases their overall practice income through the additional volume of patients.

Orchestrate 3D has the right solution for your aligner therapy needs, we provide cutting edge technology to give you complete control over aligner therapy in your practice. From intraoral scanners, aligner treatment planning software, and 3D printing we have the entire process covered. If you are not ready to in-source the entire manufacturing process, we also provide treatment planning, aligner manufacturing, and other services.