Why Choose Orchestrate 3D

Features and Benefits of Using the O3D System and JuellO3D-2 Printer


Your Dilemma

Digital orthodontics has made tremendous advances over the past few years with various products coming to market. These products have merit in specific cases. Unfortunately, there has been no offering to tie these disparate products and services together. The orthodontist is constantly being put in a position of choosing between what is best for the patient and the economics of the needed treatment.

As an orthodontist, you have wrestled with relapse cases due to non-compliance in aligner patients and early bracket removal for patients who want to come out of their braces due to a wedding or special occasion. In addition, you have prospective patients that are more than an express case, but less than a full aligner case.

It seems that every time you turn around, you have to make a choice between the best treatment method for your patient and the profitability of the practice.

How many times have you seen a relapse case that you could correct with as few as two aligners, if you could just make the economics work? Or how many times have you had a consult with a prospective patient whose teeth could be corrected in 12 months or less if you had access to a more economic process?

The O3D Solution

Orchestrate 3D eliminates these dilemmas for you by providing technology and tools that bring it all together and make you a better orthodontist. O3D creates a win/win for both doctor and patient by mitigating any economic concern to the practice so the doctor can focus on executing the best treatment option for each patient.

For example, when a teenager demands that he or she wants aligners and you suspect that you are going to have a compliance problem with this particular patient, start the patient with Orchestrate 3D. After two months of compliance or non-compliance, you can switch him or her to a full aligner case or brackets with little to no increase to the original fee structure.

Orchestrate 3D provides our doctors with just the right tool set for common situations like the one mentioned above giving our doctors the flexibiity to master cost, control and convenience in their practices.  Your practice will experience minimal cost impact while achieving maximum patient satisfaction.