Clients Testimonial

Dr. Page Hudson


Since I started using Orchestrate last year, I estimate it has saved me over $50,000 in aligner lab fees as well as generated me an extra $30,000 in revnue from patients who would have otherwise not been able to afford clear aligner treatment with other systems.  With Orchestrate, I can make treatment adjustments on the fly, refine cases as often as I like and treat simple cases with clear aligners predictably and at a better price point


Dr. Dale J. Davis


Orchestrate 3D has helped us reduce the costs of creating aligners for our office and for our patients.  We have significantly increased our profitablity while producing outstanding results!

Dr. Billy Powell


I have practiced orthodontics in the Houston, TX area for 25 years.  I've used the Orchestrate system for severl years now.  Utilitzing Orchestrate system I have observed excellent results in space closure, minor rotation and alignments issues, and treatment of minor orthodontic relapse with excellent patient acceptance.  The O3D system is an importnat addition to my arsenal of orthodontic treatment modalities.

Dr. Andrew Trosien


I began using Orchestrate 3D two years ago.  It's my secret weapon - I can treat simple cases, relapse and phase II with removable appliances now with a very low lab fee.  I estimate it's saved me $250,000 in lab fees over the past two years.

Dr. Barry Rosenberg


Since I began using Orchestrate three years ago, it has produced well over $500,000 in savings and increased revenue.  I have so many uses for O3D that I am recommending it daily.  It's so much more cost effective than other aligner systems in many cases.