Digital Lab Services

Our tiered levels of aligner therapy service are designed to provide orthodontists the ability to determine how to execute and implement O3D technology in your practice


O3D AutomatedWe Do It

Our fully outsourced package is a complete aligner treatment for the patient-- with little to no labor impact to your practice. Send Orchestrate 3D your patient's STL file, stone model or PVS impression and we take it from there.

O3D HybridWe Both Do It

Our most popular package provides doctors complete control of the patient's tooth movement and treatment plan, with lab services provided by O3D. We train you and your staff on the O3D software suite allowing you to perform the appropriate tooth movements. O3D then sends you the 3D printed models.

O3D CompleteYou Do It

For the doctor who wants complete control, Orchestrate 3D has a fully in-sourced package. Orchestrate provides your practice with the latest O3D software suite, new Juell O3D-2 printer and resin materials, enabling your practice to have in house control over aligner therapy and other treatments. Orchestrate 3D has been providing this insourced package over the last few years. The O3D Complete package has gained in popularity with orthodontists who want an affordable clear aligner treatment option. We are offering this service for those early adopters who have the desire to be pioneers in the ever expanding digital orthodontic industry.