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  • O3D Automated - WE DO IT

    Our fully outsourced package is a full aligner therapy treatment with little to no labor done by the practice. Send Orchestrate 3D your patient's STL file or VPS impression, and we take it from there. Orchestrate 3D's lab technicians, all based here in the US, perform the tooth movements, print the 3D models, and send you the O3D models in order for your technicians to create the aligners.

    O3D Hybrid – WE BOTH DO IT 

    This is our most popular package. The Orchestrate 3D software suite is a sophisticated and intuitive instrument, giving doctors complete control of the patient's tooth movement and treatment plan. Orchestrate 3D trains you and your staff on the O3D software suite, which allows you to import the patient’s STL file and perform the appropriate tooth movements. You then send us the new STL file so we can fabricate and return the O3D models. If your practice does not have scanning capabilities, send us the VPS impression—we will scan it for you and send the STL file back to you. Once you have performed the tooth movements, send us the new STL file, and we will create the O3D models.

    O3D Complete - YOU DO IT 

    For the doctor who would like to have complete control over the process, Orchestrate 3D has a fully insourced package. For this package, Orchestrate 3D provides your practice with the O3D software suite, O3D printer materials, and our new Juell O3D printer. The O3D Complete package enables the practice to be completely autonomous in providing aligner therapy and other treatments.  

    Orchestrate 3D has provided an insourced package over the last few years. In the past we have only recommended this package to doctors who have a pioneering spirit. It was not something that we recommended to the majority of orthodontists.

    This is no longer the case. After nine years of thoroughly testing 3D printing and materials in our own lab, we have helped design a 3D printer and formulated resin material for everyday orthodontic use. The newly offered O3D Juell Printer and resin has been in use in our own labs for over a year and we now have many installations in our client base. For more information on the O3D Juell Printer please go here.

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