Frequently Asked Questions

Orchestrate Design Studio FAQS

What is the Orchestrate 3D Design Studio system?

Orchestrate is 3D CAD software that enables you to scan, store, design and fabricate appliances in your office. It's like Photoshop for 3D orthodontics. You can use any digital STL file from any scanner and then move teeth and create appliances. It is simple, easy to use and based on software developed by Rapidform - the leader in 3D manufacturing software. You can create digital models, aligners, retainers, indirect bonding setups, and many other appliances with O3D. By bringing this technology in house, you dramatically increase your control over costs, storage, design, and delivery of appliances. And the ROI is incredible - some doctors have paid for the Orchestrate system in as little as 3 months!

Can I use Orchestrate to scan & store my existing models?

Yes, you can. Although we find that most doctors quickly begin using other features of the Orchestrate system once they start scanning existing models. Unlike other model archiving systems, O3D allows you to move teeth to be able to design and fabricate appliances in addition to model storage.

I have already purchased or prefer a different desktop/intraoral scanning package. Is Orchestrate compatible with it?

Yes! The Orchestrate system is compatible with any scanner that can produce an STL file. Once this file is loaded into Orchestrate it can be stored, manipulated, and designed for fabrication. While there are several desktop and intraoral scanning solutions emerging in the orthodontic market, many of them charge additional fees to create digital study models and for other functions. 

Do I have to purchase a 3D printer?

No - the O3D system can be also be used to print models easily from the Orchestrate lab or from your local lab. Many offices choose to use the Orchestrate lab to avoid the cost and maintenance of a 3D printer. However, Orchestrate has recently codeveloped a new O3D Juell3D-2 printer that is extremely fast and accurate. Doctors are realizing a very cost effective alternative exists to creating affordable aligner therapy in house.

Isn't it less expensive and easier to outsource appliance design and fabrication?

No. You pay a much higher fee to have someone else scan, design and print your appliances and the ROI and simplicity of the Orchestrate system is remarkable. You will save money on model storage, eliminating impressions, and especially on the cost of fabricating appliances. Many doctors using the O3D system have their staff trained to scan, setup and print digital models, so that the doctor time is limited to quickly approving designs and tooth movements.

I use another service for aligners/appliances. Why should I change?

You don't necessarily need to change anything! While Orchestrate can be used for full treatment cases, it can also be used in conjunction with other appliance services. Many doctors use the Orchestrate system as an adjunct to existing aligner products and appliance fabrication services. With Orchestrate, creating a few or lost appliances, finishing cases, taking model impressions, and providing simple relapse correction and minor tooth movement with aligners is easy and cost effective. All of these can be done in addition to existing services used in your practice.

What are the Minimum System Requirements for the Software?

Windows 7 (64-bit) or Windows 10 (64-bit)
Intel® and AMD® processors. Recommended: Multiple core processors
Recommended: 8 GB
50 GB or more recommended for application
OpenGL 1.2 or above, 32 bit true color required
Recommended: NVidia GTX Series with 1GB of RAM or more
DVD drive
3 button mouse with scroll
Sound card
Network card
Internet Explorer version 10.x or higher
Adobe Acrobat version 10.x or higher