Extremely fast and accurate with no UV curing process necessary

3D Printing

Whether you choose to print in-house or have the Orchestrate 3D Lab print for you, we have the solutions to meet your needs.

In partnership with Park Dental Research, Orchestrate 3D has released our second generation Juell O3D-2 printer. Our newest model maintains all the speed and accuracy features of our previous printer. We have compacted these capabilities in a smaller footprint while improving on the day to day ease of use and maintenance.

NEW  Juell O3D-2 Printer

  • Builds vertically in micro slices thinner than a human hair. Adjustable 50-100 micron layers.
  • Builds 6 horseshoe models horizontally in les than 30 minutes.
  • The size of the printer is 16"x20"x28"
  • Net Build Volume [xyz] 192 x 108 x 230 mm.
  • Maximum build height 230mm / 9 inches.
  • Limited One-Year Warranty. 2 year extended warranty available.

NEW  Orchestrate Premium Volo Resin

  • Builds extremely strong models that won’t break when making aligners.
  • Does not need a post cure or UV processing after being removed from the 3D printer.

Contact us to learn about our current special on this printer that includes Orchestrate3D software, resin, computer and monitor, on-site installation and training.